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Eastern Stores The Woolen Shop Since 1950 (Going Abroad Go Prepared)

Eastern Stores is a one stop shop for warm clothing. All woolen brands under one roof. We at Eastern Stores provide you with winter clothing even for –0C. It is a one stop shop for students, techies and people going abroad for holidays. It’s cold in winter. But that’s no reason to stay indoors, just gear up right and make the most of the fresh white seasons. Depending on the location, temperature range from zero to -350C. We can’t argue below -300C isn’t freezing, but enjoying the winter is all about dressing right and dressing right is all about layers. Many are surprised by the fact that -200C doesn’t feel as cold as they’d imagined. That’s because the air is really fresh and dry with the right outfit it is simply enjoyable winter weather.

Still not convinced? Well, the fact is there’s no real winter without snow and no snow without subzero temperature and winter is all about fun, activities in the snow now gear up get out there we at Eastern Stores sell Sweater, Cardigans, PullOvers, ThermalWear, SweatShirts, LeatherGloves, LeatherJackets, Overcoats, WoolenCaps, WoolenSocks, MonkeyCaps, Mufflers, EarMuffs from infants to adults we have all sizes we also customize LeatherJackets & Overcoats.

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